Friday, November 13, 2009

Bug of the week # 3

Goliath Bird-Eating Spider/Tarantula
Theraphosa blondi

EDIT: For the record... BoW meant Bug of the Week,
           but now I realize it could be mistaken for Babe of the Week...
           So from now on it is Babe of Week

"Hey Blondi" sorry had to fall into one of my favorite movies for a second....5 Points to whoever can name that movie.  and IF you are wondering why I even thought of Blondi...check the name of the spider at the top of the post.

The big bad ass bird eating bug..boy, big and burly..but being bitten would bite big balls, being barely bigger than a plate...bothers me. ok I will stop...

First the facts...Goliath bird-eaters are the world's largest species of tarantula. Tarantula is a generic name for hairy spiders. This hairy spider has a leg span of 12 inches (30.5 cm) across, or about the size of a dinner plate or small pizza, and they can weigh 2.5 ounces (70 g).

I saw one of these in a pet store once...they are about cool as hell. Not sure I would own one, but damn cool. We watched it eat a live mouse...sweet. Funny thing is, these do even remotely freak me out the last weeks BoW. Does not mean I want to hold one, but they are very interesting to watch.


  1. The movie is "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

    Blondi is played by Clint Eastwood. The guy that said it is Eli Wallach while he had rope around his neck, standing on a grave marker.

    I did not think anyone would have gotten that.

  3. The film was actually 'Blade Runner', with Rutger Hauer as the blond replicant. *Jokes*
    ...Damn, I knew I recalled that line too.

    Where did you get those pics Shay? That spider (top) is huge, even for one of them! They can actually weigh 6oz (170g), which is more than my Nike Lunaracer+ running shoe! You'd have to be some kind of sick freak to get involved with owning one of those! I'd rather die. The last time I looked at (Indian Ornamental) spiders on Youtube a lock of my hair fell down onto my face - and I, faster than Floyd Mayweather, punched myself in the nose! Plus, they're meant to be grumpy and like flicking butt hairs at you.
    Still, their bite (from 0.75–1.5 inch/1.9–3.8 cm fangs) is 'harmless'. The real big, bad asses are the 'Brazilian wandering spider' genus. Which are deadly venomous and are even known to chase after people and bite them several times! However, the spider you Americans should fear is the small (<1 inch) 'brown recluse spider', AKA 'violin spider'. Although not aggressive, their bite can cause horrendous necrosis of the skin (Ew! Don't Wiki' that necrosis!).

  4. i got a pet brown recluse :) and a pet black widow in jars :D i feed them tiny grass hopers wich i poke through the tiny holes on top of the jar :) they cant climb out though

  5. two men can dig faster than one...

  6. I used to know the dude whose back is shown on the top picture... Played wow with him :P The name of that big fat spider is "Dirty Bob"... :P