Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tiger man

Dennis Smith...for those who are curious....he is of the extreme variety.

Tiger...Tigger... Think his bottom is made out of a spring? His head is definitely made out of rubber. (if you dont get the reference... here sheesh I have to do all the work so everyone can keep up with me...)

Anyway..I saw this guy on Ripley's BoN some years ago...he looked bad then...now he has surpassed freak status into alien being. I can't figure out where he is getting the money for all of the surgeries...what does he do for a living looking like that?
"Thhhhhank You for... MEOW... calling Jewelry Television... RAWR... may I helppppurrrrr you?"

WTF? just doesn't cover it.


  1. He's a "computer programmer", whatever that is these days.

  2. Somewhere out there in the jungles of Asia, real tigers are laughing their heads off at this idiot.

  3. i think he has balls to do this

  4. weirdo seriously why doSE he want to be a tiger WTF

  5. So let me get this straight. It's 'The year of the Dennis Smith' now?

  6. "i think he has balls to do this"

    Yeah? Well do you think he can lick them?

  7. if any of you come back to your comments i hope you delete them in respect for him. he committed suicide. i hope you learn to never laugh at or mock others. i hope he rests in peace. many people do not understand why we choose to modify ourselves but thats ok we do it for ourselves not for you

  8. How long do we have to wait before we can lol at this picture again? No sympathy for someone that takes the easy way out, I just feel bad for his family that he used to roar at =(


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