Friday, May 27, 2011

Ok it is time!!!

Time to bring back the REAL ass.  No more narrow hipped, bony, underage looking models!!
The models need to start looking like REAL WOMEN!

Sagia Castaneda!  A real woman with curves and hips and just all around BADASS SEXY!!!!
All the Heartrate I need for a year.
She is the woman from the Pitbull videos, and about the sexiest woman ever.
Ahhh the good ole 80's when Jordache and Sergio Valente jeans knew how to make an ass look soooo right.
Now all the new hip-huggers do is make an ass flat and show a muffin top that wouldn't even exist without such stupid pants.

Just in case she ever were to accidentally see this..  Sagia, will you marry me?