Saturday, May 28, 2011

WTF of the How ever long its been # 29

Short note about Shay...not sure how things will work out here in the near future, doing a starting mid life crisis here as of 3 weeks ago.  So I may be posting a lot more or a lot i certainly posted back like the old days of 1-2 a day.  I am currently trying to change my life...not gonna sit in front of the PC as much as I was, and losing weight and making a complete lifestyle change.   The yay me part...I was 318 lbs now at 302 in three weeks.  Goal is 275 at present...when I hit 275 I will go for 250...this will take a long time but I am doing it!!!!  I have set my mind and IT IS ON!!!  
So on that note we will see where the blog goes...I promise if you check on it there will be new posts at least once a week...maybe every day...but there will be posts.

Then I bring back the FREAKS of the week again, it has been a while for a pure freak...this guy is a repeat i do admit...check the older post here.
Seriously, the earlobes are just plain nasty!!!
Look at me!  Look at me!   Look at me!!!  Get over it freak.

The tramp stamp

I am not one of those who believe the TS makes a girl seem easy or a tramp or whatever you wanna call it.
Buuuuut...if you have them similar to the above...then....yeah, you deserve the titles.

Handlebars - no real need to wanna be ridden we get it...
Name both ways on your back - WOW that is pretty loud and clear!
Scripture on the top O' crack - for me to properly comment = too much to type.   Really?!?!?!?what is the point here? are you a Christian? if so, rethink it. Are you trying to point out "love" to the guy slamming you from behind???   REALLY?!?!?!

Technically this could fall in the stereotype category, because there are very nice and tastefull tattoos done in the same spot, who now have the title of Tramp Stamp, when is isn't justly deserved.

I sigh in pity for the new generation of 18-25 year olds......SIGH...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ok it is time!!!

Time to bring back the REAL ass.  No more narrow hipped, bony, underage looking models!!
The models need to start looking like REAL WOMEN!

Sagia Castaneda!  A real woman with curves and hips and just all around BADASS SEXY!!!!
All the Heartrate I need for a year.
She is the woman from the Pitbull videos, and about the sexiest woman ever.
Ahhh the good ole 80's when Jordache and Sergio Valente jeans knew how to make an ass look soooo right.
Now all the new hip-huggers do is make an ass flat and show a muffin top that wouldn't even exist without such stupid pants.

Just in case she ever were to accidentally see this..  Sagia, will you marry me?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ninja in training

Absolutely all 4 is worth it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Great People

Words to live by.
I like it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dumb pirate joke

What is a pirate's favorite letter???


Arrrrrrrr...ya think it be the R....but it be the C.

If you don't get it...quit reading my blog because your'e not smart enough.

For the Star Wars nerds

Star Wars nerds or not, you have to appreciate the simplicity, yet genius of the picture.

Yes I am a partial SW nerd, it was my generation who grew up during that time....not like the nerds who were born 12 years later and think they are the true fans and dress up and find a talking rottweiler puppet and a camera in their face.  My generation grew up saying they were great movies...not really wishing we had a M-Falcon or a Tie-Fighter.

But I regress, this blog is not about me going off on is a warm and fuzzy place with kitties and bunnies...well ok, cats who smoke and pubic hares...and I suppose I have an opinion once in a blue moon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

You are da man!

Nothing says "check out how hot I am" like your mother in the background of you flexing.
Happy Mother's Day!
"Come on Ma! I want a pic in my speedo!!!"

Saturday, May 7, 2011

OK here we go.

Now is going to be one of my more passionate WARNED!  Foul language will be afoot.

I am probably one of the biggest 280ZX fans you will ever come close to.  This is my actual car above...not a great pic...but she is bad ass anyhow.  Not the fastest car on the road, but certainly one of the more fun to drive.

My dad owns a 1961 Corvette...he has owned it since I was 12.  When we drove that car around...ALL other corvette owners, new and old...showed respect and waved.  Some would stop and talk to us about the car, it is a beautiful car and will be running looooong after any Corvette made since 1984.

My ZX:
People who know of the ZX but don't own to me all the time...and I admit...I like it..Nice to get some attention from a car that deserves it...All these rice burners may look fast and have cool paint jobs, but they still nod, or at least look at it with some envy.
To the new 350 and 370ZX drivers who refuse to acknowledge it...FUCK YOU ALL!!
My car may not be worth $45,000 and may not be as fast...but i guarantee you my car will still be running while that piece of shit new 350 or 370 will be in a junk yard!
I don't want them to fawn all over my car...I am realistic about this...But if I wave to you, don't snub your nose up like I am driving some piece of shit is the roots of where your car came from!
There are so few of the 1984-2003 300's on the may ask yourself, why.
I still see 240's 260's and 280's  Because they are built right!

Yes I am over the top about this is one of my major passions, I have loved the 280ZX since the day I saw one in the advertisement of my dad's hidden Penthouse magazine when I was 13.

All I ask for is a two finger wave at the least...just acknowledge that you know your roots!!!!!

Sad thing is...people who drive them probably don't even care about the history of this car...pffft whatever.

New ZX owners need to take lessons from the Corvette people.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Heart Rate # 25

No need to say much here...
"let's just ta-aaaaaa-ke a moment to look at this sli-uuuhhhhhh-de...there we are....anyone for a cigarette?"

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I actually saw about 10 mins of the show that the guy on the right was aired on.
He is 5 times the moron he looks to be.
And now he will be working for minimum wage at best, for the rest of his life.
Good Job Jeremy!!! You DA MAN!!!
You show everyone how you can "buck the system" and not conform to the man.
Personally I am very proud of you, you won't listen to the your face is a piece of will go down in history as how you were so unique and remembered as the guy with the awesome face!  Then the high will wear off in a couple hours and you will look in the mirror and realize you are a complete fucktard.